The Story

I grew up in a French/Spanish and Cuban semi-artistic family. I always had influences in my work from the past, as you see. I spend most of my time in old antiques shops and second hand shops. While some people see an old bottle, I see the history, the craft and the provenience.
A result of that is that most of my craft and ideas get this provenience-feeling over it.

In some way my creations tell a story - it tells my story.

Laque pour Moustache

I'm not here to tell you to use this product. I'm here to show you the benefit of it.
For centuries men has waxed their mustaches, applying, twisting and turning. I respect the beard, but I envy the moustache.

In 2013 I started up to develop this "glue" for the tip of the mustache, a few weeks later I'm proud to present - "Laque pour moustache" and easy drop-it-on and water-soluble laque.


I created 120 bottles, nothing more nothing less - An exclusive limited edition.
What you get is the formula in a fully handcrafted and designed glass bottle, and a Limited edition handmade card, stamped with my seal.

The laque has a vague tone of new leather to give the persona a robust character - a perfume for the moustache.

One bottle lasts for a long long time, only a few drops per night.

Bring it home

I choose to keep it local. Stockholm is the place to find these bottles, on different spots where men gather, and take care of themselves.
You can also order them here in the online shop.
But we only ask you to take care of the shopping, let us take care of the rest.





#1 step, hold your bottle with a firm grip in one hand
#2 step, twist the tip of your moustache away from you
#3 step, ute the pipette and put 2-4 drops on each tip of your beautiful moustache and let it be for a few seconds.
//for a firmer moustache//
#4 step, let it dry for a few minutes, then add two drops on each tip.





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